April is for Autism Speaks

With the wrapping up of a busy April, Alpha Xi Deltas across the nation are reflecting upon the true meaning of philanthropy. In 2009, Alpha Xi Delta became the national sponsor of Autism Speaks, an organization that sponsors autism research as well as outreach and awareness programs. With each passing year, Alpha Xi Deltas everywhere host events to fundraise money towards Autism Speaks, and each year the money donated towards the organization grows.

This year, Nu Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta decided to try something different, and instead of not only hosting the annual 5k Amaxing Challenge, we also hosted an All-American feed at our new annex! Our feed featured all your favorite ball park favorites, from nachos to popcorn and even Cracker Jacks! And to top it off, there was Red Bull! The feed was a huge success, because as our annex is right in the heart of the Greek community, we were able to get a lot of fraternity and sorority involvement. This allowed us to show other chapters what it means to “Light it Up Blue” and how much our philanthropy means to us!

This past Saturday, Nu Chapter also hosted our Amaxing 5k Challenge! 5 am couldn’t come soon enough, because we were so excited that this year the 5k was going to be on the University of Washington Campus! Within a couple of hours, and a few cups of coffee later, the balloon arch was good to go, the face painting table was set, and music was blasting, courtesy of 93.3 FM Radio, as friends, family, and alumnae began to show up.  Alpha Xi Deltas ran along the route with signs, cheering on all of the participants. It was so wonderful to have so many people come out to support such a wonderful organization like Autism Speaks. Although it was a little colder than expected that day, the love and support all us Alpha Xi’s felt, definitely warmed our hearts!

I am so excited to announce that Nu Chapter as a whole raised almost $30,000 to Autism Speaks this year! On behalf of Nu, I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped support us this year! I am so proud of all of my fellow xisters for putting on such great events, and most importantly thank you to Jessie Swofford and Katie Satterberg for all the hard work they put in to make these events run smoothly! It wouldn’t have been possible without their leadership and enthusiasm towards Autism Speaks!



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