Xi Best Days Ahead

The women of Alpha Xi Delta are back! After a summer full of relaxation, spending time with family and friends, and/or traveling around the world, my xisters and I couldn’t be more excited to move back into our home at the University of Washington. Recruitment is just around the corner and we are so eager to meet all of the PNMs! I know I speak for everyone in my chapter, when I say we cannot wait to share with everyone what Alpha Xi Delta is all about. Sisterhood, involvement and academics are three things we strive for as a chapter and we are excited for the PNMs to see that in action. Recruitment is a thrilling time for all of us. The idea that in just a few short weeks we will be welcoming home new sisters makes me beyond happy and excited for this upcoming year. Everyone get pumped! This year is going to be absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to see all of you newbies in just a little over a week now!

If you haven’t done so already, please check out Alpha Xi Delta’s recruitment video. Below I will also be posting a few snippets and pictures of what some of our Xis have been up to this summer!


Shauna O’Donoghue

Sophomore PC 15


This summer, Shauna traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti with a

nonprofit organization, International Medical Relief. There,

Shauna and her colleagues set up free clinics daily in the city.

They treated 150-200 patients a day. Shauna was able to

experience all parts of the clinic, working in a triage where she

had the opportunity to take vitals, receive patient history, and

shadowed nurses and doctors in the pharmacy.

Elle Persons

Sophomore PC 15


This summer Elle did a medlife trip in Ecuador and worked in a

mobile clinic that provided free medical care to the indigenous

people. During her time there Elle also helped to rebuild stairs in

one of the impoverished cities in Ecuador.

Emma Rady

Junior PC 14

IMG_2604 (1).jpg

This summer Emma traveled to Thailand and

worked with elephants in Bang Ta Klang.

There, she volunteered with the Surin project,

a project aiming to change the way elephants

are treated in society today. Emma also

volunteered at an all-girls boarding school in

Chiang Mai helping to rebuild various parts of it

damaged due to flooding.

Rachel Platin

Junior PC 14


Rachel is studying abroad currently in Greece! There

She is learning about travelers migrants and tourists.

Rachel has gone to all of the historical spots such as

Mycena (where this picture is taken), the Acropolis

And Parthenon, Olympia (the site of the first Olympic

Games), and more! She is studying at the Harvard

Institute of Hellenic studies and has been spending

Every day swimming in the Mediterranean!

Maggie Brooks

Junior PC 14


Maggie has been in Europe since June 15th. The first

5 weeks she backpacked with her friend starting in

Iceland, then went to Belgium, France, and then

Italy. From there, she left for her study abroad

program in San Sebastiàn, Spain. She spent almost 5

weeks there and then her program ended in Barcelona.

Then she traveled to London where she is doing an

exploration seminar for 4 weeks!

Marina Dolgova

Junior PC 14


From Marina: This summer was by far the most memorable

one. I got to study abroad in Amsterdam doing my own

individual research. I am fascinated by law and order. While in

Amsterdam I got to observe, compare, and contrast different

policies between Amsterdam and Seattle. Besides doing

independent research I got to spend time in the most beautiful

city in the world as well as travel around Europe with the most

amazing group of people, who have become my closest friends!

Karin Muggli

Senior PC 13


From Karin: I am studying abroad in India with the opportunity to shadow physicians in a clinical setting. I have had rotations in the neonatal intensive care unit, operating room, labour and delivery, and also in a community health setting. During rotations I have had some hands on experiences with patients, observed traditional medical practices, and been fully immersed in the Indian culture.




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